Win Lotto in Thailand

Thailand has two forms of legal gambling: horse racing and the official national lottery. The official lottery is drawn twice a month on the first and sixteenth of the month. Both forms of gambling are popular and can be exciting. Horse racing is also legal in Bangkok. The official national lottery is administered by the Government Lottery Office.

Thai lottery tickets are made from special paper. The government uses a two-tone watermark on each ticket. One thread can be seen by the naked eye, while the other is visible only under ultraviolet light. The paper itself is coated in special chemicals to prevent stains from the ink. Using bleach on the lottery ticket will damage the paper.

When you win the lottery, you must claim your prize within two years of the draw date. If you bought a ticket that cost less than 20,000 baht, you can collect cash, or claim your prize in the form of a check. To collect your prize, you must present your winning ticket, your Thai identification card, and your passport. In addition to claiming your prize, you must pay a stamp duty of 0.5% on government lotteries, and 1% for charitable lotteries.

Although winning the lottery can be a big deal, the lottery is not for everyone. For instance, a winning ticket can be worth millions of dollars, but most people who play it will not win a fortune. But if you are lucky enough to win a prize, Thai lottery players are excited to claim it. They even go to the GLO office in Bangkok to claim their prize.

The results of the Thailand lottery are updated daily on the lottery website. You can check them at the end of the page. Thai lottery is not a corrupt lottery, but the websites that promote it do so cheaply. These websites simply want to get traffic to their website. A lot of them also make money from their ads.

The Thai lottery has been around for a long time. หวยฝันเป็นจริง It started as a means to raise money for the Thai government during World War I. Later, it became a popular way to raise money for social welfare. In 1932, the lottery was used to support the Thai red cross charity. The Thai lottery office has also launched the Thai Charity Lottery, a special project to raise funds for a particular charity.

There are more than three thousand lottery vendors registered in Thailand. Around 15,000 are located in Bangkok while the other 20,000 are in the provinces. Vendors are legally required to be at least 20 years old and provide an ID card. However, some locals are hesitant to buy from sub-vendors because they are not sure about their identities. The government has also made a decision to computerize the lottery services.

In spite of the government’s ban on gambling, about 70% of the Thai population plays the lottery. It has become a lucrative business for illegal operators. A huge network of these operators has developed underground to sell lottery tickets. เลขฝันเป็นจริง The winning numbers from the official lottery are used by these illegal operators. Despite the low winning ratio, these operators make big money.