Lotto24s and AVOW Partner for a Successful Online Lottery Campaign

Lotto24s is an online lotto site that specializes in German state lotteries. The company also offers its own charity lotteries to promote education projects in Germany. Its revenue comes from selling lottery tickets to individuals and companies in Germany. The company is based in Hamburg, Germany. It is a subsidiary of ZEAL Network SE.

LOTTO24 is one of the largest online lottery brokers in Germany and an integral part of the ZEAL group. Founded in 1999, LOTTO24 is now a global online lottery platform with more than 5 million active customers worldwide. The company’s market capitalization is approximately EUR 320 million. LOTTO24 is listed in the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

K&L Gates LLP is advising UK-based ZEAL Network SE (ZEAL) on its voluntary public takeover offer of Hamburg-based LOTTO24 AG (LOTTO24). lotto24s will reunite the two companies and create a digital lottery group with current combined billings of more than five million euros and a diverse international footprint. The transaction is subject to approval by the competent gambling authority.

In addition to allowing players to play state lotteries, LOTTO24 also sells tickets for a number of European lotteries. Its portfolio includes games such as LOTTO 6aus49 and Eurojackpot, which have jackpots of up to €1.5 billion.

The company has a strong focus on responsible gambling and is committed to player protection. In particular, LOTTO24 places high importance on data-driven approaches to limit addiction and ensure player safety. It also supports its partners in the gaming industry to combat addictive behavior.

To increase its reach in the German market, LOTTO24 collaborated with AVOW to develop a custom media plan. By leveraging unique advertising opportunities on mobile OEMs such as Xiaomi and Huawei’s alternative appstores in the country, the campaign successfully exceeded all down-funnel performance KPIs defined by the client. It also increased app installs and reduced the cost of acquisition by half. This resulted in a significant growth of the LOTTO24 app within the first six months of cooperation with AVOW. Moreover, the average time spent on the LOTTO24 app has also increased significantly. This was mainly due to a successful campaign on the Huawei platform, which saw a double-digit growth of user engagement.