How to Win Lotto in Thailand

Several people have gained great fortunes from the Thai lottery draw. They have gained the funds they needed to expand their business or pay off their bills. The Thai lottery is the only form of gambling that is legal in Thailand.

Thailand has a state lottery that is drawn twice a month. The tickets are printed on special paper and are adorned with two types of silk thread. The balls used in the lottery are colored and signify different prizes. The lottery tickets are sold to the general public and are distributed through more than 35,000 local vendors.

In 2014, 67 million people in Thailand spent 76 million baths (US 2.3 billion) on lottery tickets. The government uses 28% of the profits. The rest of the money is divided into several sectors. 12% of the money is given to street vendors.

หวยนกตาทิพย์ draws two numbers each month. The winner has to present their passport, a winning ticket, and fill out a claim form. If the ticket cost less than 20,000 baht, the winner can claim cash. For tickets costing over 20,000 baht, the winner must visit a Government Lottery Office.

The Thai lottery is a safe game to play. However, some locals aren’t comfortable buying tickets from vendors. They prefer to purchase tickets online or via a mobile app.

To win the lottery, you’ll have to pick six numbers from a range of digits. The odds of winning the top prize are one in a million. หวยนกตาทิพย์ is B2 million, and there are also prizes for the second and third prizes. The lottery is held on the first and 16th of every month.